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Best Carpet Cleaning Experts are the best San Antonio carpet cleaners hands down. There is just no question about it. For over 32 years, three whole decades, we have been providing excellent service to the San Antonio area and leaving both residential and commercial carpets cleaner than anyone else could. We make a point of getting the job done right, down to each and every speck or blemish, even down to entirely eradicating stains and odor. Our experts work tirelessly to give you the best carpet cleaning experience possible, but our work isn’t nearly as effective if the carpet isn’t properly maintained after we have cleaned.
san antonio carpet cleaning and carpet protection
Maintenance is a given when you’re a home owner. You dust, you do the dishes, you take out the trash, you fix leaky faucets. All the little things necessary to keeping your home the way you want it too be. Maintaining a clean carpet falls into the same category. Fortunately, with all of our years of extensive experience in the industry, we have all the tips, advice, and top off the line products to make your clean carpets stay that way. We prefer to utilize top of the line Teflon carpet protection products. The Dupont Teflon carpet protector blocks moisture and stains, getting thoroughly down into the fibers to keep any uninvited liquid from making a home there. Applying this product can save you loads of cash, time, and frustration in the long run.

Rather than letting the carpet soak up a spill like a sponge, the Dupont Teflon more or less water-proofs it. Ensuring that little accidents stay little. With carpet protection correctly applied, your carpet can last more than fifty percent longer than normal. Best Carpet Cleaning Experts wouldn’t endorse this product if we were not completely sure it works the best. After all, our reputation as the best choice for carpet cleaning in San Antonio would be on the line, and we can’t have that. Our jobs are kept on a personal basis, keeping you informed on all that is being done to your carpet throughout the cleaning process. We work closely with you because we understand how important your carpet is to you and your home, and it is important to us too.
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When we arrive on a job site, we meticulously analyze the situation, to have a clear and precise understanding of what needs to be done. The same goes for after we have finished. So when we are wrapping up and doing our final check of your carpet, ask us to demonstrate the Dupont Teflon and your expertise will give you an on the spot demonstration of how it works. You will be able to see first hand how greatly effective it can be. We at Best Carpet Cleaning Experts are proud to have supported the San Antonio community for all these past years, and for all these years to come. For the best San Antonio carpet cleaning and carpet protection, residential or commercial, call us today at 210-857-0682 for a full carpet cleaning consultation.