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Our company has a cleaning service for any type of carpet, from the very durable commercial carpet to the most delicate carpet. No matter what condition your carpet is in, our San Antonio carpet cleaning service will leave it smelling and looking better than ever. We are a family owned company with over 60 years of experience so you can trust that when experience counts. Our carpet cleaners are your first choice for carpet cleaning San Antonio. We know that our customers want a company with a reputation of excellence and that you dont want anyone cleaning your carpets. You want an experienced trusted carpet cleaning San Antonio company to do your carpets. We are that company.

Our staff specializes in carpet cleaning San Antonio, as well as rug cleaning, wood floor cleaning, tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning. We offer a wide variety of cleaning services and cleaning methods for your entire home or business.

Pet Stain and Pet Odor Removal

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Like it or not, there will come a time that your carpet may be subjected to pet stains and pet odors from those stains, not to mention the normal wear and tear from pets. Scuff marks, spillage, urine, blood, and fecal stains – these marks if left untreated will ruin your carpet’s overall performance and appearance. Best Carpet Cleaning Experts has been in the cleaning industry for over 60 years, so we know pet stains and how to get out them out. We provide a proven system of pet odor removal and pet stain removal for all carpets and flooring. Your pros for pet stain carpet cleaning San Antonio.

Our team of professional carpet cleaners will address any problem areas on your carpets or flooring including the underlying padding and any carpet fibers to determine the best cleaning method from our proven pet odor removal system. We will then remove all of the pet stains, odor and treat the carpet and padding so it looks and smells like new.

Area Rugs & Wall-to-Wall Carpet Cleaning Methods | Best Carpet Cleaning Experts

Hot Water Extraction: This method gets down deep within carpets and loosens up the dirt by spraying a fine mist of very hot water into the carpet. Then, a very powerful vacuum sucks both the water and the dirt out. Although you can rent steam machines, power is the key, and the power behind our truck-mounted systems is much greater than a hand-held machine. Hot water extraction is one of the newest and most thorough cleaning processes, also commonly known as steam cleaning.

Foams & Shampoo Cleaning: We will spray a soap free, dry shampoo foaming cleanser onto the carpet, which agitates the dirt within it. Then our carpet cleaners will vacuum it out with a rotary machine. Our shampoos and foams will not leave any residues; they only leave more attractive carpets! Better yet, the low-moisture foam that we use results in a shorter drying period for you.

Area Rugs and Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros

Pad or Bonnet Cleaning: Bonnet/pad cleaning requires a special machine, which drives a damp pad into the carpet fibers to loosen the dirt. This method is similar to the method used to wax floors.

Absorbent Dry Compound Cleaning: The dry compound is a mild detergent; it is sprinkled onto the carpet and then vacuumed out. In this method, no water is used.

Carpet Stains Removal: If you are concerned about stains on your carpet, our trained technicians are here to help. They have knowledge of what solutions work best on which types of stains.

Before we start cleaning, we will use an ultra low-residue pre-treatment solution formulated for your type of carpet and the stain present. To help prevent future stains, we can apply a protective layer, at the courtesy of Best Carpet Cleaning San Antonio.

When your carpet was manufactured, it was actually imbued with a stain-preventing coat at the manufacturing site. However, this coating wears off over time and needs to be reapplied. Our stain protector is also odor free and increases your vacuuming efficiency.

Our Specialized Proven Carpet Cleaning Services

Our experience in the cleaning industry has provided us with highly trained technicians that have great knowledge in getting your carpets clean. We have taken this knowledge and applied them to our extensive line of cleaning services that include:
Carpet Cleaning San AntonioCarpet Cleaning San Antonio- Best Carpet Cleaning Experts

For area rugs we suggest:

Because area rugs are frequently more costly and more valued than wall-to-wall carpeting, area rug cleaning can be a delicate process. For this reason, our rug cleaning technicians are highly trained in the process of applying a pH solution formulated for the type of rug to clean it, and then neutralizing that pH and restoring the rug to its original state. This process should never be attempted without considerable care and knowledge.

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If you were thinking about calling a carpet cleaning company in San Antonio that sent you a coupon in the mail, you should think twice. To hire their services without any references or without asking how they planned on cleaning your carpets simply makes no sense. Also with their cheap coupon price, the price will most likely be marked up by additional services once they are in your home. Always hire an experienced company with affordable prices that isn’t looking to add on to their fees once they arrive at your home.

We at Best Carpet Cleaning Experts pride ourselves on the knowledge we have about carpet and upholstery cleaning, we want you to be educated in your decision too. When you call us, we will be happy to discuss your environment, your needs, all of the cleaning methods we offer, and what we recommend as the best solution for you. Best Carpet Cleaning Experts, when only the best will do. Your pros for carpet cleaning San Antonio.

Call Best Carpet Cleaning Experts at 210.857.0682 or schedule your residential carpet cleaning and our experienced carpet cleaners we will evaluate your home and give a free estimate. Best Carpet Cleaning Experts should be your first choice for the best carpet cleaning San Antonio.