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Keeping clean tile is a staple struggle in the modern American home. Many families and business owners lose thousands of dollars trying to keep their tile flooring clean despite the overpriced cleaning companies in the area that leave unsatisfactory results. And even more lose their time and their patience trying to clean the tile themselves, endlessly scrubbing and soaking and scrubbing again and getting nowhere. If you’ve been putting yourself through this for the sake of your tile, it’s time to call the professionals.
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Best Carpet Cleaning Experts is a family owned and operated San Antonio carpet and tile cleaning company, that has been serving the San Antonio community for over 60 years now, and has gotten the tile of thousands of San Antonio residents like yourself squeaky clean. We bring our extensive experience to every job we take on, as well as our long-time dedication and commitment to excellent customer service and extra ordinary results. We make a point of using our signature attention to detail to make our cleaning thorough and full, not leaving behind spots for you to discover or trying to cover anything up.

Our company has always operated with the “do it right the first time” approach, knowing that you only get one chance at a first impression, and one chance to make the customers happy. We take pride in being the ones you can trust, and one way we show this is by only using 100% green, environmentally friendly products and methods in our cleaning. Everything we do is entirely soap free, chemical free, and safe for children, pets, the elderly, and the environment. This is accomplish by sparing no expense when it comes to our gear. We utilize top of the line machinery, that can use super-heated water to break down grime and stain-causing substances, without the use of any soaps or chemicals. For our effort we have been Green Certified by the Green Clean Institute.
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Another bit of dedication we give to the customer is always keeping our job volume manageable, so that can always focus on each clients specific, individual needs. You wont find us piling on the appointments for the sake of advance payments filling our pockets, and then just delivering a cookie cutter, uninspired and low effort tile cleaning like so many San Antonio companies unfortunately do. At the end of the day, the work has to speak for itself, but luckily for us, the community has a say too. we now have hundreds of positive and perfect scored online reviews from San Antonio residents just like you that we were able to help out. You can find these reviews on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and Angieslist, or right here on our website, under the “testimonials” tab.

As long as we’re around, you don’t ever have to give yourself a headache cleaning your own tile or wondering if who you hired can get the job done, because if you find yourself in need of the best tile and grout cleaning San Antonio has to offer, we’re only a phone-call away. You can reach us at 210-857-0682.