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Everybody knows that tile floors look great. The luster and the shine can make any home look classy and chic. But when the daily wear on your beautiful tile floors turns the grout lines dark and dingy and the tiles lose their shine, what do you do? That’s when you call us at Best Carpet Cleaning Experts. That’s right, in addition to being the best option in town for cleaning your carpets, we do an exceptional job at cleaning your tile floors as well. Our unparalleled cleaning process will get your tile floors gleaming again without you ever having to painstakingly scrub your own floors again. Here at Best Carpet Cleaning Experts, we pride ourselves in providing the absolute best quality tile cleaning in San Antonio.
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What makes our cleaning job the very best is the use of our “no touch” cleaning method. With this method, workers do not have to make contact with soiled surfaces with their hands. Our professionals use a truck mounted steam cleaning machine to apply a pressurized and diluted cleaning solution to your dirty tile floor, and then use the same machine to rinse the area. Afterwards, our professionals use a vacuum to suction the liquid from your surfaces along with all the dirt and grime that was removed by the cleaning solution. This tried and true method will have your tile and grout gleaming like it was just installed. The “no-touch” method works best over traditional methods because it deep cleans all grouted areas (including those on your wall, counter, and floor) and prevents bacteria and dirt from collecting in the grout lines and discoloring them. Our cleaning solution and pressurized rinsing and vacuuming process is much more effective than the traditional mopping, scrubbing, and using cleaning cloths. The dirt and grime is loosened, rinsed, and then completely removed from the area via the vacuum. Not only will your tile and grout look much better, but the process can better get rid of disease causing germs and bacteria as well.
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If you have been thinking that your tile and grout may be beyond help and are thinking of replacing it, make sure to contact us first before spending a lot of money on expensive tile and grout replacement. Our professionals will evaluate the state of your flooring and determine whether or not the floor should be replaced. A vast majority of the time tile is simply discolored by stains and mildew, which our professionals will be able to solve. Not only are our tile cleaning methods highly effective, but we use only green, entirely soap free and organic products, which protect your family, your pets, and the environment. After the cleaning process is finished we even offer a Dupont Teflon sealant that can add more lasting protection on your grout lines, lengthening the life of your beautiful tile floors. We at Best Carpet Cleaning Experts guarantee that we provide the best tile cleaning in San Antonio. If you have dirty tile in your home give us a call today at 210-857-0682.