How to Prepare Your Home for Carpet Cleaning in San Antonio, Tx

When Best Carpet Cleaning Experts takes on a job, we do absolutely everything we can to take the work off of your hands, and handle the entire cleaning process for you. However, some little things are better taken care of before we arrive. In this article we will go over the correct preparation process for a good carpet cleaning.

preparing your home for carpet cleaning in San Antonio, TX

A good vacuuming is strongly recommended, especially for high traffic areas. This makes it so that small dirt and debris and what have you isn’t in the way and we can get right down to the real, deep cleaning. It is also a big help to us if the furniture is moved out off the cleaning area prior to our arrival. Our guys work harder than any others to get your carpet, tile, and hardwood flooring spick and span, so adding furniture moving to the workload is a just a little over the top. Any breakable things like lamps and vases are best removed as well, due to our personnel having to lug our top of the line equipment around. This is especially true with items of value or otherwise fragile items. The last thing we want is a family heirloom shattered on the floor, everyone’s been there and we would rather leave it than take it.

A light dusting of baseboards could be wise, but not entirely integral to the cleaning. Lastly, give us a good parking spot for our highly advanced truck mounted deep steam sealing system, and we will be ready to go. When we arrive we will discuss with you and evaluate the problem areas. Stains, odors, discoloration or blemishes, all will be spotted and analyzed so that our cleaning can be as efficient and effective as possible. We make a point of leaving no stone unturned, as it were, when it comes to getting the job done right. We are so confident in our abilities that we hold a 14 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Then job isn’t done until you say its done and you are completely happy with the results.

carpet cleaning san antonio, tx

If you would like to check our credentials, look no further than our numerous positive online reviews and ask our past customers about their experience. Kind of like how we ask you to do a little bit of prep work before we arrive, we keep you included throughout the cleaning process. You will be in the know about the procedures, equipment, methods and techniques we use to get your carpet, tile, hardwood or upholstery as clean as even imaginable. You will know what is being done to your home and exactly where your money is going. With all of our years of experience in the industry, well over 30 that is, we know how to keep our customers happy. It’s buy caring as much about their home as they do. So when you find yourself needing carpet, tile, hardwood or upholstery cleaning in San Antonio and the surrounding area, give Best Carpet Cleaning Experts a call at 210-857-0682.