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We love our animals, but they can do thousands of dollars in damage in our homes, especially on carpet and floors. My own mother has had Yorkie dogs she bred for over 20 years. This best of care was given to these animals. In many cases our animals were trained, but simply crave and starve for our attention, but Left unattended they could do lots of damage. Some owners have animals that are older or sickly and start leaving behind messes, they don’t want too, but it is inevitable that they can and do for these and other reasons.

Nevertheless we love them, and must do our best to live with them. After all they are like our extended family. So we must take care of both of our living spaces, which includes the carpet and floors we walk on.

Being in the carpet cleaning business for over 30 years, I have seen that time and time again pets making carpet stains and the odor can be awful. Every house is different, and no two homes need the same.

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We evaluate and treat homes on a case by case basis. I’m truly amazed at the different products that are out there, that claim to treat and eliminate urine but fail to do so. Please remember that dampness or wetness in padding causes a bacterial problem, thus causing mold or other odors to materialize. There is always a reason why a house will stink or smell after cleaning, many times the urine is activated by cleaning. I have seen people move into rental houses that were vacant for one or two years, and the carpet still smells. Left untreated the urine can stay in the padding for years or until replaced.

People are amazed that we can tell in some homes, how many, and what breed of dog or cat that did the damage to their residence. This only comes from years and years of treating the same problems over and over again. I have broken pet damage down to three levels. Level 1 cleaning and enzyme topical applications can fix a majority of problems. Level 2, cleaning, enzymes and bio enzyme injections straight into the carpet or affected areas, thus eradicating the source of the smell, many times is the padding.

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Our San Antonio carpet cleaning company can find exactly where to fix this in your home. Level 3 is a flooding, or controlled flood, only in the effected areas. Blowers are put in and sometimes dehumidifiers to dry the carpet. This is a worse case scenario, and can take up to 72 hours for a complete fix to your problem. Cat urine is the worst, and I have been able to fix these areas as well. Many times I put my nose down on the effected area, just to make sure there is no smell.

Trust me, I would never do that if I wasn’t confident I can fix your problem. These days we treat from the top down, with patented chemicals that are safe to man and environment. All of this is discussed with you, before we ever start. Some carpets just can’t be saved, but the majority of them we have been able to completely remove the pet stains.

We do this, taking in consideration in some cases, it might be better to replace the carpet. We advise you, if this is the case, and we can help here too. These days indoor air pollution is a known fact, left untreated, urine and feces is a known contributor to a variety of upper respiratory diseases. Having suffering from asthma, I know this to be true. We realize your home is your castle, and one of the most major investments in life.

Our San Antonio pet stain removal system is the best in the business. Find out how we can make the odor and stains disappear the correct way. If we cannot remove the stains, we will tell the customer up front. We are not in the business of being dishonest when inspecting a pet stain problem.

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