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Since we want to be able to remove all of the stains and debris from the oriental rugs, we will pre-treat them. This will help to break up the elements of the dirt and grime so that we can easily remove it without any type of damage to your rugs. We will then inspect them to see if there are any stains that may give us a hard time. If so, we will treat those spots with special cleansers that can remove just about anything no matter how long it has been on your rugs.

It is only at this point that we are ready to use the shampoo to clean them. It is designed to get all of the materials clean. However, it also won’t do any type of damage to the very sensitive fibers that are found in woven rugs. We use a special extractor that will take out all of the shampoo and water on both sides of it.

Before we perform our fast drying process, we will take the time to carefully lay the rug out flat and then hang it. This type of drying process is very important to the quality of your oriental rugs. Otherwise there is the risk that they will shrink and we would never want to return them to you in that condition.

The processing doesn’t end there though. We will comb it with soft groomers that are used only on specialty rugs after it is completely dry. We then do an inspection so we can closely look over every inch of it. If it doesn’t pass the inspection it has to be fixed and then inspected again before we will deliver them back to your home.

We guarantee that you will love the way your oriental rugs look when we return them to you. Here are some great tips that will help you keep them looking as nice as possible between cleanings:

• Rotate them – you want your woven rugs to wear evenly so rotate them about every six months in high traffic areas. Some people can do it only once a year if it doesn’t get stepped on frequently.

• Vacuum them – too many people assume that woven carpets are to sensitive for the vacuum cleaner but they aren’t. This will help to keep them clean and it also helps to keep the fibers looking alive so your rug isn’t dull lying there. If you have fringed edges then use the hose part so that the beater bar doesn’t suck that area up and ruin it.

• Padding – It is a good idea to add a piece of good quality padding under it. This will also prevent people from slipping as they step onto it.

• Clean up – Should there be anything spilled on your oriental rugs you want to clean it up as soon as you can. Here is the process that you will want to follow:

Blot any liquids to absorb as much of it as you can. Avoid rubbing the area as that can lead to staining. Use a mild soap mixed with vinegar and water. Only add enough to take care of the problem as you don’t want to get these types of rugs too wet. Continue to blot it until you get as much of that moisture out of it as well.

You want to dry it quickly so try to place a fan over it. You can also use a blow dryer on low heat to get it dry in less time. In order to protect the quality of your oriental rugs, we will start by removing the dry soil. Due to their design it is easier for soil to be hidden in them than you might realize.

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